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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rough Run


So, this "Run" started last night, mentally! 
I was in bed reading a parenting book on my kindle, when the topic "discipline" started between husband and I. It went from how it's explained with teaching preschoolers to health discipline. And, how waking up at 4:45 AM was going to be rough since we were still up at 11PM. Yeahhhh, I wanted to prove to husband that I wanted this EARLY Run because I didn't want it to happen later when he got off work, I wanted to spend every last second we had together. (He is days away from leaving on deployment). 

IT WAS ROUGH!!! I literally jumped out of bed, got dressed, and RAN. My legs were SO heavy, it's that time of the month (TMI), but it totally sucks!! I've NEVER had been one who dealt with the menstrual symptoms and yet here I am; cramps, bloating, it makes me so unhappy. And, that's another reason I wanted to get out there to RUN!! 
It was still dark, the sunrise was at 6:14AM, but I had to be back home by 5:45, so I used my head light to guide in "dark" areas and for safety. Al least, it was cool.

Got 3 Miles in, also miles for The Bug Run Virtual Half-Marathon, only 6.62 to go!!
 I'm also 38.96/42Miles in August; Another August Challenge I'm participating in!!

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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