From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Monday, August 27, 2012

Les Mills Pump!

What better way to kill a deployment than to start this Amazing 13 week program?!?!?

I'm back to this fabulous BeachBody Program, LES MILL PUMP!!

I started the program earlier this year, in January, went 10 straight weeks. It gave FABULOUS results, gave my arms some definition, biceps came alive, legs were STRONG! This is ONE of the 3 programs I am planning to keep me "BUSY/FIT" during this LONG deployment that husband is on. 
This round, I'll complete the 13 weeks, I'm looking forward to it; I have another set of weights to add in, 7.5lbs. So, I'll be lifting HEAVY, I'm sure I'll add more halfway through!! LIFTING is apart of my TONING PHASE and I LOVE it!! 

 If your instrested, you can visit my BeachBody site and order it. You will LOVE the REP EFFECT!!! It's a KILLER workout; squats, lunges, deadlifts, ..... keeps you going!!

 "Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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