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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gone Runnin' Week 2

It was another FABULOUS WEEK of RUNNING!!

Although, I was mending a pain too, during last Sunday's RUN, my knee got a beating going down a [steep] hill. So, I've taken a few rest days this week, today being another. It's not fun but I listen to my body, I don't stress it. For Today's "REST DAY"; Foam Rolling and Yoga, I need it, I slept wrong and got a sore body. Here's how this week of RUNNING went;

Tuesday's Run; was a "test" run, to feel out the knee. It was aching at the beginning, so I paced myself, even taking a few walking intervals. Got 2 [EARLY] Miles in and I was Happy despite the [bum] knee. Came back home, stretched, foam rolled. 

 Wednesday's Run; I was anxious to get back out there, so I did!! It was later than usual RUN and it was pretty hot. 80s*, yeah, that's hot here in Washington. My body has adjusted to the weather here, it was more Extreme at our last duty station and even Texas. I explored a New Route, the road that husband and other sailors run during their PRT. It was perfect, flat, no cars to distract me, then I saw a back entrance to the trails, I often run. I was beyond excited. Sure, the knee was a little funny, so again, I'd ease off it with a walking interval or slowed my pace down. Got 3 Miles in!!

Thursday's RUN; FIRST Meetup with the Fabulous Mother Runners of our Local Moms Run This Town Chapter. I finally met the leader, we've chatted quite often since I joined, so it was nice to finally meet in person. Also, 2 other Mother Runners, one is is training for a Full Marathon, October, we got lots of advice from her. She also shared running routes onn/off base. I was thrilled to meet others with that share the same passion in running. And, we're excited to keep the group active. We met in a little town, which I love, and I only snapped this photo, the sun was setting during out run along the waterfront. I can;t get enough of outdoor runs.

 Saturday's RUN; This RUN didn't happen as I had originally planned. I was giving myself a MAJOR challenge and running a Virutal Half-Marathon EARLY but Baby Girl had different plans, she woke up puking, right before my alarm even went off. Our poor girl, she puked a few times and I wasn't going to leave her side, husband was there too. After the unpleasant 4:30ish wake-up, we all crashed about 6:30. And, I didn't get back up until 8. We got some morning cleaning done, he left to take a friend to the ferry and baby girl to get a check-up at hospital. I stayed behind waiting for the cable guy, our internet had been acting up. After all that got done, baby girl was FINE, we lounged. Until, I said, "I still want to sneak in a quick RUN", after he mentioned getting ready to go to Best Buy to pick up a movie(s). He said, "GO, Run, Rosanna!" I jumped up in excitement, I can RUN to Best Buy, I can meet y'all! He said he'd give me a headstart. Hahhaha. That's love y'all. I got the girls dressed and ready. I got myself dressed quickly. I speed out the door. Took the route out the base gate, and ran, ran, ran.....I made it there first, I wasn't too speedy, I did take a few walking intervals, hit some trails and was a HOT MESS. Sweat was still dripping down when I walked inside Best Buy to splash water on my face and I we walked around. We came home and I immediately started on dinner, yep, that's when you know you're a RUNNER. Keep is moving, even while smelly. Hah!! So, these miles are also towards a Virtual Half-Marathon I'm participating in, The Bug Run. Got 3 Miles in. 

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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