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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gone Running {UPDATE}

Husband started leave earlier this week, which meant, this Mama was going RUNNING, outdoors!! YAY!!! I was READY for this, I was ANXIOUS!! 

The week actually started on Sunday with Sweat Your Thorns Off Virtual 5k. Then I took a REST Day, didn't want to stress the foot out, I SPUN it out Tuesday and spent 3 days straight RUNNING, felt GOOD to get back out there and with NO FOOT PAIN!!! Even, completed another Virtual 5k on Friday Morning, Running for Dummies: Virtual Scavenger Hunt & 5k.

Dailymile Log!!

I've logged in 34 Miles for the Week; HAPPY to say 15.8 are RUNNING [outdoor] MILES!!

Yesterday, I took a rest Day! Today, has been a HOT day, 84*. It's currently dropping, slowly, so I will wait another hour before this Mama is "GONE RUNNING"!!! And, I'm not even thinking how FAR or LONG I will go, I'll let my feet & body decide, NEW ROUTE TOO!! That's the plus of having SO much pavement & trail outside my doorstep on a pretty decent sized military base!!!

Started this Late Night Run at 8:00 PM. the sun is still out at that time here in Washington.

I walked into the house telling my husband, "I f*cked up my knee, I f*cked up my knee, I f*cked up my knee"!!! (Excuse my language, I was a little [a lot] upset) During the last 1/2 Mile I felt it acting funny, like an ache, and if I didn't pace myself or watch my landing, I felt it was going to snap. I think it was that LONG downhill I took, it was a different route and I was landing pretty hard, going down. My bad! Anyways, I GOT.IT.DONE; Finished STRONG!! I watched the sunset from a few different views, I saw my shadow in front of me as it got dark, I felt the cool air (even though I was SWEATING), I ignored the car fumes that made me nauseous, when I went back on the main roads and heavily inhaled the fresh air it the empty areas.

Overall, I LOVED this "LONG" RUN; MUCH NEEDED OUTLET; 5.48 Miles in 1:08:05 min. 
Finished the week with 5 [Outdoor] Runs; Total of 21.13 Miles; Whoop! Whoop!!
Now, to RELAX and Ice that bitch of a KNEE!!

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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