From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Runner Cuddles

My alarm(s) was set for one 'last' run......Instead as I turned off one of the last set alarms, I felt husband right next to me, his arm across my body, his head near my ribcage. At that moment, there was NO WAY I was leaving my man, no way!! I savored every single second, every breathe,..Until we heard baby girl crying out for "daddy". A quick nursing session before our day begins. We are decorating the downstairs for our big girl's 6th BIRTHDAY!!!! Then, heading to husbands ship for a tour, not thrilled about that but at least the girls will have a better understanding of where daddy will be, his work area, where he sleeps. Should be instresting! We will also have lunch with my brother, he is also a sailor on the same ship, small world! Tonight, I'll be making one of our family favorite meals; chicken & shrimp fettuccine Alfredo (homemade sauce is insanely delicious!!)

Today, the runner in me isn't upset for a 'missed' run (as I typically become), I wouldn't trade these cuddles for anything!

Tomorrow is the start of week 1/13 for Les Mills Pump!! And, I'll be out getting a RUN in with my 3 pretty little monsters in tow!! Back at it; Back to my routine!! September brings new routines; plank a day, bootcamp, 100s, no sugar challenge,....stay tuned!!

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