From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 27; When I retire?

How will you stay busy when you retire?

Fitness doesn't have an age limit.

I'll remain as active as my body allows. I have 3 girls, and I'll be very much involved in keeping them active no matter where we go, coaching whatever sport I can support in.

I'll be a RUNNER as long as my body allows. It's where I find my peace, especially during these days as a military spouse, with 3 girls in town while husband is not home.

I'll be that woman to still TEACHING fitness classes. Taking clients as a personal trainer,   and helping others on their fitness journey.

I'll be the woman, riding the BIKE/CYCLING, enjoying the weather in the mornings, maybe riding alongside husband. 

I'll be the woman, who picks up GOLF, an activity my husband enjoys and I'm looking forward to learning.

I'll be that woman, still moving,keeping busy, enjoying life, my family, being active!!

[This made me giggle] 

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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