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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sneaky [Rough] Miles!!

Husband was still out running errands with baby girls when Leanna [finally] woke up. I asked if she want to the gym, so Mama can get her RUN on!! Yeahhh, I was excited, she was too...we chatted to/from out short walk. I reminded her that her 6th BIRTHDAY is tomorrow and she reminded me that her Daddy leaves on Monday. Bittersweet.
I'll admit, it's always awkward not having all 3 girls in tow, not holding someone's hand, or carrying one on the hip.

 Well, there was nothing quick or fun about running on the treadmill. My knee was not feeling it, awful pain, no matter what I did, inclines, slow speed, fast speed, the 1 MILE 'run' was my roughest ever, on the treadmill. That won't be happening for a while... It's pretty bothersome because since the bum knee injury, I've still managed to get some good running miles, even with a little pain at the beginning, I feel great afterwards. Wahhh!! When we got home, we decided to get a little more running in, taking bonita for a walk/run to the lake. We squeezed in a mile before meeting husband back at the house. 

Well, at least I was able to squeeze in 2 MILES toward THE BUG RUN MILES. Only, 4.57 Miles to go. 
 Bummed about the SLOW/Rough Mile

 Happy with my girl
Bonita did good on the walk/run

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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